Taking Tiger Mountain by strategy

Brian Eno

and more.. (från vinyl)



1  Needles in the camel's eye ..a)
2  The pow pow negro blowtorch  ..a)
3  Burning airlines give you so mouch more ..b)
4  Back in Judy's jungle  ..b)
5  The fat lady of Limbourg  ..b)
6  Mother whale eyeless  ..b)
7  The great pretender  ..b)
8  Third uncle  ..b)
9  Put a straw under baby ..b)
10 The true wheel ..b)
11 China my China ..b)
12 Taking tiger mountain ..b)
13 No one receiving ..c)
14 Backwater ..c)
15 King's lead hat ..c)
16 Here he comes ..c)
17 Kurt's rejoinder ..c)

a) (från Here come the warm jets)
b) (från Taking Tiger mountain..)
c) (från Before and after Science)

My life in the bush of ghosts

Brian Eno / David Byrne



1  America Is Waiting
2  Mea Culpa
3  Regiment
4  Help Me Somebody
5  The Jezebel Spirit
6  Very, Very Hungry
7  Moonlight In Glory
8  The Carrier
9  A Secret Life
10 Come With Us
11 Mountain Of Needles

Wrong way up

Brian Eno / John Cale



1  Lay My Love
2  One Word
3  In the Backroom
4  Empty Frame
5  Cordoba
6  Spinning Away
7  Footsteps
8  Been There, Done That
9  Crime In The Desert
10 The River